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Here is a limited palette still life to have some fun with. In my version, the colours yellow and violet (complementary) have been used and the tonal values bumped up to create a bit more drama. Also edited the content, you don’t have to put everything in. Here is a black and white photo to show tonal values have nothing to do with local colour.


Daffs tonal values



Upcoming Events

Workshop - 2pm Live Portrait Stream by Zoom

Our sitter will be member Sue Merry

Demonstration - 2pm Grahame Booth

Watercolour demo by Zoom.

Demonstration - 2pm Tony Westmore Talk by Zoom
An illustrated talk
Workshop - IWAC competition

A reminder that our Competition closes at Midnight on Sunday.

Workshop - 2pm Live Portrait Zoom

Our sitter will be Wayne Rushton

Workshop - 2pm Live Porrait Zoom

Our sitter will be Club Member Bryn Davis

Demonstration - 2pm Mark Warner Zoom Demo

Mark will be demonstrating in Acrylic with the subject matter "Seascape".

Workshop - AGM

If we are back at the Riverside our normal workshop will resume after our short AGM.