In order to become a member with exhibiting rights, the Council want to see whether your artwork qualifies you to become an Exhibiting Member of the Club.


Our next assessment will take place in 10 January 2023 at the Riverside Centre at 4.10pm. Half an hour will be allocated. If you wish to be included please contact the Secretary.

Please bring five pieces of work to the appointment. If you produce different types of pictures, bring examples showing your range. You may present your work as exhibition ready, but at this stage, the judges are more interested in the content of your work rather than its presentation. Sketch books are encouraged.

Should your assessment fail, you can apply again, but in a period not shorter than one year.

Framing criteria required in order to exhibit.

Framed Work - The frame must be clean, well made, secure and the edges of the backing board neatly taped. It must be ready to hang with cord or wire securely attached preferably with D rings, set one third from the top of the frame. Do NOT use the toothed hangings already attached to some ready made frames, these are not permissible.Canvas - All stretched canvases, framed or unframed, must have the same hanging wire or cord as framed art.

Upcoming Events

Plein Air - 10.30am Mottistone Gardens. PO30 4ED

Between Brighstone and Brook on B3399. Please note this is a SUNDAY.

Workshop - The Riverside Centre, Newport

First day back at The Riverside Centre. 2pm-4pm