The Isle of Wight Art Club aims to inspire and encourage artists and would-be artists in all painting media.

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During the Workshop on November 29th at Riverside, we are holding a sale of any unwanted art or craft materials, frames, mounts - in fact anything you no longer need.


All those art things you bought online during lockdown which looked like such a good idea, but you’ve never used? Unwanted art gifts? Those paints, pastels, pencils, paper and brushes you haven’t used for years? Bring them all down on the 29th, labelled with
a price and your name. We will sell them for you and only ask for a donation from your sales to Club funds at the end of the afternoon.

We will also be holding a raffle, the prize is pictured above.

Also on the 29th November, John Hunt will be bringing art books donated by the family of Neil Archer. These will be sold by donation which will benefit “The Brainy Bunch” charity. These are ‘as new’ mainly sketching, drawing and watercolour books all in excellent condition.

Upcoming Events

Workshop - Christmas Social

2pm-4pm. This is our last meeting of 2022.

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